Los Brazos de Dios
Los Brazos de Dios is founded by Bruce and Tammy Jeffries. We began coming to El Salvador in 2002 on short term mission trips helping to build churches and doing Bible Schools with the children. In 2015 we worked at an orphanage and seen the great need for the children in crisis. We made the commitment to move and see how we could be used in this country. In the short time we have been here, we have seen a great need for daycare. The women here have nothing available  in our community and children are sometimes locked in homes, left with older siblings or are found running through the market and sleeping on the sidewalk while mothers try to earn a living for their family. Therefore, the children are not getting proper nutrition or early education. We applied to open a Child Wellness Center in October of 2016 and had approval by December of 2016. The Center is free of charge, provides a safe place to stay, nutritious meals and early learning development, socially and spiritually. 
Other ministries we are involved in includes working with a local group who visits homes within their community who are less fortunate providing food and sharing the Gospel.
Also, we are still involved with the orphanage. We are very attached to the children and they are very dear to our hearts! God has blessed us so much through these children. 
To God Be The Glory!